Affiliate Disclosure

We appreciate your curiosity for clicking on this link. Seriously.

So now when you are here, let’s talk a bit about this affiliate game.

This game starts when you click on the external links given on this website. These links may refer you to amazon or flipkart or other product pages. And once you actually purchase the product (and do not return it within the return window), we earn a little commission on your purchase.

But this is not crime on our part as you don’t have to pay even a rupee more than the normal price. The price you pay on the Amazon, Flipkart or other marketplace includes this commission already.

Question: But what do you do with that money?

Answer: Good question. Actually the money earned from this commission helps keep this site running. We need to pay multiple expenses like server costs, Technicians cost and finally something to our researchers and writers to keep them motivated. 

So if you don’t mind if we receive some benefit in return of giving you awesome information, keep using this site the way you used it so far.

I hope this disclosure satisfies your curiosity.